In 1932, when vehicle suspension engineer George Carwardine invented a spring, crank and lever mechanism that could be positioned with the lightest of touch yet would maintain its position once released, a blueprint for the first Anglepoise task lamp was born. The Anglepoise lamp has subsequently achieved iconic status and its engaging, anthropomorphic form is recognised and admired all around the world. Over the years, the Anglepoise lamp has been developed under the careful watch of the founding Terry family, without ever losing sight of its primary function, and unique, characterful form. From the creation of the Original 1227™ lamp to the development of extended collections by esteemed industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange to recent collaborations with renowned designers Paul Smith and Margaret Howell, incomparable British design remains at the heart of this progressive British brand. Today, Anglepoise lamps can be found today in homes and of offices, restaurants, bars, and hotels in more than 50 countries.

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In 1932 automotive engineer George Carwardine develops a formula for a new type of spring. He discovers that pivoting arms supported by a sequence of these springs can be repositioned with the lightest touch yet will remain perfectly in place once released. Carwardine has just created the blueprint for an Anglepoise.

Type 80™ 2019

Designed by renowned British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange in his 90th year, the Type 80 is an all-new design that’s distinguished by a striking, graphic profile. Every detail has been carefully considered and precision-engineered to deliver streamlined style, ease of use and consistency across the collection.

90 Mini Mini 2018

The 90 Mini Mini has all the versatility and personality of a classic Anglepoise lamp wrapped up in its tiny form. The 90 Mini Mini is powered by USB for enhanced portability and has a dimmable integrated LED. At half the size of a standard lamp it’s designed to fit just about anywhere.

Original 1227™ Mini Ceramic 2017

Formed from the purest bone china, the white, gloss-finished shades or our Original 1227™ Mini Ceramic lights turn translucent when turned on, radiating a soft, ambient light around the room.

Original 1227™ Mini 2015

Scaled down to two-thirds of its original size, the Original 1227™ Mini Collection is playful, more versatile and contemporary version of our most iconic and best loved 1930’s Anglepoise® design.

Type 75™ Mini 2011

Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange as a scaled-down, more playful version of the best selling Type 75™ design.

Type C™ 2011

Created by Sir Kenneth Grange, this remarkable lamp incorporates touch sensitive dimming, light level memory, energy efficient LED’s and a balance mechanism that responds to the lightest touch. The result is a seductive form that adds a level of sophistication and elegance.

Type 1228™ 2008

Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange in 2008, Type 1228™ offers all the functionality of the traditional Anglepoise®, but with a more contemporary aesthetic and exceptional versatility.

Type 75™ 2004

Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, Type 75™ is inspired by a 1970’s version of the Anglepoise® Apex 90®, originally launched in the 1950’s. Grange reinterprets the modernist lines and no-frills functionality of its predecessor for new generations.

Type 3™ 2003

Sir Kenneth Grange’s first lamp as Anglepoise® Design Director, the Type 3™ featured chrome plated solid steel and was influenced by the earlier Original 1227™ lamps by George Carwardine.

Apex 90 1985

The Apex 90 was designed to be a modern take on the Original 1227™.

Model 90 1973

The Model 90 introduced a range of colours, including one that inspired Margaret Howell’s Yellow Ochre colour to the Type 75™ lamp that’s available today.

Model 75 1960

The Model 75 became one of the inspirations behind Kenneth Grange’s Type 75. It is one of the earliest designs featuring a different shade shape from our Original 1227™.

Model 1227 1938

The Model 1227 added many smaller design details, such as the removal of the small shade vents on older iterations. It also saw the introduction of the two-step base, which is consistent with all our Original 1227™ lamps today.

Model 1227 1935

The Model 1227 was an evolution of the 1208, making it more suitable for a domestic environment. It is commonly recognised for its three-spring mechanism that’s available in our lamps today.

Model 1208 1933

George Carwardine licensed his design to spring maker, Herbert Terry & Sons, who already supplied the springs for his lamps. Not long after, the Anglepoise® name was registered and the 4-spring ‘Model 1208’ went into volume production.

Model 1208 Prototype 1932

In 1932, car designer George Carwardine unveil his remarkable invention – a 4-spring lamp, combining unprecedented freedom of movement and perfect balance due to its patented constant spring mechanism. Soon demand for the lamp far outstripped Carwardine’s small-scale supply, so he sought the help of Herbert Terry & Sons.


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