James Bond 007 Moonraker Laser Gun Movie Prop Replica Limited Edition Collectable.

• 1:1 Scale Life-Size Replica
• Museum quality display stand
• Numbered limited edition plaque
• COA and detailed prop story booklet
• A must-have collector piece for any true James Bond 007 fan
• Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide!

The laser prop is first seen being used by an MI6 operative disguised as a monk in a Brazilian field office. Many more of them are later seen during the climactic final battle sequence, both as handheld weapons and mounted onto US Marines’ spacewalk apparatus.

The original props were resin and rubber with no moving parts. They were specially constructed for the film by the EON Productions prop department and a large number of them were crafted. The body was constructed around a casting taken from an ‘Uzi’ machine gun. Various real-world parts, including plumbing supplies, were then added to complete the fantasy look.

All the detail on the original has been retained including some of the casting asymmetry on the handmade original, which would not have been visible on-screen and a missing trigger. Triggers were deliberately omitted to allow actors wearing thick astronaut style gloves to use the props. This makes the replica visually indistinguishable from the original.

However, a heavier weight polyresin and an internal support frame have been employed on the replica to give it more heft and strength than the original.

Factory Entertainment presents each finely crafted Moonraker laser replica comes with a museum quality display stand, numbered limited edition plaque, COA and detailed prop story booklet.

Each replica is also presented in a full-color box designed to emulate the distinctive ‘Drax Enterprise Corp’ shipping crates seen in the film. Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.


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Dimensions 60 × 50 × 20 cm